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02-11-1989                             01-06-2000

sire          : Ch. Jock
dam         : Jana Isambalo  (Imp. South Africa)
breeder   : Mrs J. Covena
Jessie came to live with us on 18th May 1990.  She had not been to puppy-training
and had not been taught any commands. The result was that she was "terrorizing"
the owners and they could not cope with her. She was placed into rescue when she was 6 months old.

When we picked her up she showed some agression towards us, but we felt that this was due to fear and insecurity. Before we took her home we let her meet Vumba, who was 18 months old at the time, and they played nicely and seemed to get along very well.

As soon as we arrived home she seemed very happy and her attidude towards us had changed too. She was devoted to us and very eager to please. We took her to dog-training classes where she met other dogs for the first time in her life. She was the most obedient ridgeback we have ever had and she never destroyed anything in our house.

All her life she remained very insecure towards people she did not know well. She was very loving towards people she knew well. Due to her instable character, inherited or acquired, we never bred with her, but she was a wonderful  "mother" to Vizara's and Chirembo's pups.

Our darling Jessie died of bloat on 1st June 2000 and she was buried in the garden next to Boboti, whom she loved dearly.